The Top 7 Time Management Tactics of Successful Small Business Owners

I wrote an entire book on time management skills, techniques, tools and strategies a few years ago.

Folks REALLY liked it, and I’m in the process of re-writing a few key chapters to update the material including some new pieces of technology that can help us all “get more done” in less time.

But, I came across this quick list of “tactics” (VERY elementary, but a good “start”) that might be useful for my small business owner “brethren”! Hope you enjoy!

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Hyper successful small business owners seem to get so much done in a relatively small amount of time. To some degree, that’s because they are doing the same thing over and over and they have it down to a science. However, they also follow some tried and true time management tactics to stay focused and make the most of every minute. Here are 7 top time management tips that will help you get more done every day, leading you to the success you deserve in your small business.

Tip 1.  “Time Blocking”

timeThere are a MILLION things to “worry” about in a small business. I’d argue that THE MOST CRITICAL skill you MUST develop is prioritizing the things that MAKE YOU MONEY, ahead of things that “suck” your time without a reasonable return.

Time is the most valuable commodity in the world. Once “spent” it’s gone forever, NEVER to be replaced.

Whether you are working on your business full time, part time, or sporadically, make sure you set aside specific time each day or week to focus on the critical result areas of your work. Marketing and sales MUST “trump” administrative tasks, logistics and other necessary but NOT revenue driving activities. It’s critical to “block” out an appropriate amount of time each day to focus on marketing, focus on making sales and creating the systems to drive customers “in the door”.

Put your personal life into a separate compartment that you can open at a different time in the day.

Tip 2. Chunk Everything

Break down your work into tasks and priorities for each day. You should identify 3 key things you want to accomplish that day, plus minor tasks that come second.

Tip 3. Time Yourself

It’s amazing how much faster you can work if you know you have a time limit. Allow yourself about 20 to 30 minutes to complete a specific task. Then use a timer to keep yourself honest. You’ll spend less time perfecting every little detail and more time just getting everything done. A kitchen timer works perfectly, or you can use a timer app or alarm on your smart phone or computer.

Tip 4. Go With Your Rhythms

Most people have a specific time of day when they are most productive and focused. Take advantage of your best time of day and schedule the work that requires your highest concentration for then.

bigstock-A-speedometer-with-the-words-W-43140124-300Tip 5. Make a List

Creating a list of tasks is akin to developing an action plan. At the beginning of the week, preferably Sunday night, make a list of priority tasks that you need to complete by the end of the week. Put them in a logical order based on how big a difference they will make to the growth of your business. Also consider whether there are other people or tasks that depend on whether you get your part done.

Tip 6. Keep Your Momentum

Some people find it most effective to set aside specific types of tasks for different days of the week to take advantage of the momentum they gain focusing on one item. For example, do your keyword research on Mondays, email list building on Tuesdays, product development on Wednesdays, etc.

Tip 7. Put on Blinders

Block out everything except the task you need to get done. Shut down or close any other windows or applications except the one you’re working on. The elimination of distractions alone will help you get more done in a short space of time.

While not every one of these tactics will work for everyone, they are the top proven ones used by successful marketers. You’ll hear them being recommended over and over again. That’s because they work.


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